Suitable Trees: Serissa

Serissa foetida, also known as the Tree of a thousand stars, or Snowrose, is one of the most commonly available bonsai from non specialist outlets. To be blunt it's the tree that convinces most people that Bonsai are difficult to grow.

It is an evergreen and originates from south east Asia, being mass grown in what for it are ideal conditions. When moved to countries with a temperate climate must be kept indoors over winter.

One of the major causes of leaf drop in newley imported serissa is the sudden drop in light levels. They're grown in the open and bringing them indoors will drive them to shed leaves.

The term foetida (smelly) comes from the unpleasant smell the leaves emit if cut or damaged.

Suitable Styles

Can be grown in all styles.

Allen. C. Roffey 20:46 15/11/2006