Suitable Trees: Rhodedendrons and Azeleas

Rhodedendrons and Azeleas belong to the same family of plants as the heathers (Erica and Calluna) and the southern heathers (daboeca). Untill recently a lot of plants in this family were called 'Azeleas'.

They are termed 'calciphobes', meaning they cannot tolerate Lime in their soil. Here in the UK most garden centers stock 'Ericacious' compost and they should be grown in this. If this is unobtainable where you are the a compost high in natural peat, or leafmold can be used.

Most calciphobes will benifit from an occasional watering with 'seqestered iron', usually available in garden stores.

Rhodedendrons are particularly delecate after repotting. They have a very fine surface roots, which are, if not kept moist during and after repotting, liable to die. This can be cured by constant spraying, during repotting, then covering the surface of the pot with a 'mulch' to keep the moisture in. Florists moss is often used in this case.

This recently repotted Rhodedendron has been given a mulch of florists moss, to protect the delicate surface roots.

Rhododendron Luteum (It means Yellow) Its actually an Azelea and can be deciduous.

Although available from garden centers, it has in areas of the UK and Europe become naturalised and indeed reached 'invasive' status. it will, if you have access to 'wild' trees make a good bonsai in short time given a good thick trunk.


Suitable Styles

All upright styles except Formal and Broom.

Allen. C. Roffey Sunday, June 17, 2018 21:13