Suitable Trees: Pines

A White pine bonsai


Pines make wonderful bonsai, however they are not the ideal 'first tree'. There are skills you will need to aquire to cope with their growing patterns.

This is more fully covered in the section on pruning Pines.

There are many different species of pine around the world, not all of which will make a good bonsai. Stick to those species with shorter needles as reducing their length is difficult, and cutting the needles to shorten them will spoil them.


A Good Pine bonsai, with well structured branches and foliage pads. It's a pity it's only a drawing. However trees of this quality are available from suppliers, or can with some time and effort, be developed.

Conifers are best suited to deep, 'Earth' coloured pots.



When repotting pines you should notice a pale cotton wool like growth surrounding the root mass, this is a fungus called Mycorrhiza. This is a sign of a healthy tree and you should not worry about it, indeed you should re-introduce some back into the compost.


An unusual White Pine

Suitable Styles

All except Broom

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