Suitable Trees: Larch

A Formal upright style Larch

Larch are one of the unusual group of 'decidious' conifers. There are two species of larch you may come across, either as a trained bonsai, or Garden center stock, they are the European and Japanese larches, difficult to tell apart, however the Japanese veriety has a redder tinge to the buds when opening .You may, if you live in areas where they grow wild be able to collect them. this will of course need the site owners permission.

Larch make good bonsai, however they have a tendancy to shed, sometimes important branches. This is almost certainly due to a lack of light. Larch when in leaf demand as much sunlight as possible. Some 50 or so years ago experiments were carried out here in the UK, placing larch saplings in light  shade, they failed to thrive compared with their siblings given more light.

Culturally they can be treated in the same way as any other bonsai, allowing for the need to ensure they get enough water to cope with their need for full sun placement.

In autumn, just before leaf fall, the needles turn a wonderful yellow.

Larch foliage with cones

A Larch group in Autumn colour


Suitable Styles

All except Broom and Literati

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