Suitable Trees: Cotoneaster

Cotoneasters are a good genus to start with, as they already have small leaves.

They will backbud easily, even on the trunk, although this can, unless the buds are removed early cause scarring on the trunk.

Cotoneasters naturally grow as either a shrub, or low to the ground (prostrate). so clump or cascade styles suit them well.


Suitable species include:

Cotoneaster apiculata - A prostrate, deciduous shrub with large red berries.

Cotoneaster dammeri - Small leafed,and slow growing, a compact shrub producing small red berries.

Cotoneaster horizontalis - Semi-deciduous, keeping it's small leaves throughout most of the winter in temperate areas.

Cotoneaster integerrimus - Unlike most cotoneasters, which are native to Asia, integerrimus is European and is the only cotoneaster native to the UK. It has insignificant cone shaped flowers and leaves are about 1 cm long.

Cotoneaster microphylla - A slow growing prostrate shrub with perhaps the smallest leaves of any Cotoneaster. There are lots of cultivars of microphylla and they all seem to make good bonsai.

The leaves and berries of Cotoneaster integerrimus

Culturally they have no special needs, although they do better in a grittier compost than usual.

Suitable Styles

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