Bonsai Styles: Literati Style

The Literati were a group of ancient Chinese scholars, their philosophy was one of simplicity. Nowdays they might be called 'minimalists'. In their art they would use as few brushstrokes as possible to convey the form of a tree, that tree generally had a long flowing trunk.


Choosing a pot for a literati can be difficult, you will need to bear in mind the top of the tree may not be over the pot and this may cause it to topple over, select a good sized pot, or tie it down.

Choose a pot that the top of the tree, were it a seperate tree would look good in.

A literati Blue Atlas Cedar.

Literati tend to be conifers.

The tree will need to be tied into the pot when repotted.

Allen. C. Roffey 13:01 20/07/2001