Bonsai Styles: Informal Upright

The Informal upright style is perhaps the easiest style to get right for the beginner. The trunk should 'flow' unlike the Formal Upright

A good way of developing the trunk on an informal upright is the 'Clip and grow' method, where a tree is allowed to grow away, to thicken up. The tree is then cut back to a few inches, ideally above a bud and then allowed to grow on again. The process is repeated several times, each time the cut is made higher up. In a few years you will have a good trunk and can then set about forming the branches.

The tree illustrated, for example (drawn from a photograph) has most of its major components, growing on what may be described as a cascading branch. This is as viable way of developing an Informal upright as the more 'Traditional' tree.

Nor do the branches need to start low down the trunk. the tree to the right would, in bonsai circles be described as 'High hipped' and has all the attributed that a good bonsai should have.


A Siberian Elm

Allen. C. Roffey Friday, August 3, 2018 8:13