The Bonsai Primer

Please note that the Bonsai Primer PCDVD is PC compatible only!

Thank you for your interest in the Bonsai Primer on a DVD.

Should you wish to purchase it, you will receive an enhanced version of the Primer online, with the benefit of being able to use it offline.

The DVDROM Primer contains more images and chapters, including the history of bonsai and a large section on the Physiology of trees and a new section on displaying your trees, together with inline movies. There are over 30 sections and 700+ pictures, a screensaver package and wallpapers for your desktop.

The DVD Primer is over 750Mb of information, while the online Primer is only 18Mb.

New for 2008 I've added a search facility, which together with the index and glossary make navigating around that 750+ MB of information easier.

Is the DVD that different?

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