Primer: An undercoat, a base on which to put a finishing coat

Why did I publish the Primer?, good question, I don't really know, I guess it seemed a natural thing to do, a bringing together of two of the things that interest me. A project like this helps me to crystallise all the little bits of Bonsai I've been storing in the walnut between my ears over the past thirty or so years.

The Primer is not aimed at those folk who, like myself are loonies with an obsession, but you, if you have an interest in the hobby and are either not 'clubable', or live a distance from one of what must be thousands (there are about 90 here in the UK) of Bonsai clubs scattered around the globe.

To locate a club in your country, connect to the Primer online International contacts where I'll try to keep an accurate list of contact sites

No section (chapter?) of the Primer should be seen in isolation and although I love books, the benefit of a medium like this is that I can repeat important information and images in two sections if needed. And gives the impression that I've done more work than I have.

One of the things I've tried to bear in mind in the production of the Primer is that English may not always be the first language of those reading it (or writing it!), that's why the illustrations are so important. They have all been drawn with Corel Draw, versions ranging from v5 through to v17. With a couple of (credited) exceptions the photos are all mine, either scanned in from Photo or slide, or taken with a digital camera.

Allen. C. Roffey 21:25 26/07/2002