Why did I publish the Primer ?, good question, I don't really know, I guess it seemed a natural thing to do, a bringing together of two of the things that interest me. A project like this helps me to crystallise all the little bits of Bonsai I've been storing in the walnut between my ears over the past Thirty or so years.

The Primer is not aimed at those folk who, like myself are loonies with an obsession, but you, if you have an interest in the hobby and are either not 'clubbable' or live a distance from one of what must be the thousand or so Bonsai clubs, scattered around the globe.

The Bonsai Primer was started in 1995 as 'Bonsai Basics', Originally written using 'notepad' on a PC (I didn't like those poncy html editors, and the html code is so easy to learn). However I now use 'Frontpage', still doing most of the corrections in the html text editor (luddite!). The illustrations were either, drawn with Corel Draw 5 or 7, 8 or 9 (I love It!!!(apart from 9 that's a bit clumsy)), scanned in using PhotoShop and an Epson scanner, or taken with one of these new fangled digital cameras.

I did not set out to publish the primer to make money and the online version will remain free, if not updated that often. The DVD version is much larger, containing whole new chapters and many more illustrations.

All versions of The Bonsai Primer are Allen. c. Roffey.

Allen. C. Roffey 07:14 10/04/2018