Although it is the trunk that gives the Bonsai it's visual strength, it's the branches that give it the grace and beauty of a tree. They should conform to certain standards to help give the feeling of a well balanced tree.

They should not for example be evenly spaced down the trunk, this would appear unnatural, as the tree to the left shows.

The bottom of the trunk, perhaps the bottom 2/3 should be visible. Remember it's the trunk that gives the tree it's stature and hiding it would be a mistake.


Nor should they all leave the trunk at right angles to the viewer making the tree appear to have no 'depth'.

This is a large section of the 'primer' and as such I've split it into what I hope are logical sections, covering what I see as the most important aspects for the beginner to come to terms with.




Developing branches
Pruning & removing


Allen. C. Roffey Tuesday June 12, 2018 23:51