Plant names

Kingdom: ANIMALIA (animals)
Kingdom: FUNGI (fungi, moulds and lichens)
Kingdom: PLANTAE (plants)
Kingdom: PROTISTA (protists, single-celled organisms)

PLANTAE (plants)

Subkingdom: BRYOPHYTA (mosses and Liverworts)
Subkingdom: CHROMISTA (algae)


Phylum: EQUISETOPSIDA (horsetails)
Phylum: MAGNOLIOPSIDA (flowering plants)
Phylum: PINOPSIDA (conifers)
Phylum: PTEROPSIDA (ferns)

MAGNOLIOPSIDA (flowering plants)

Class: LILIIDAE (monocotyledonous flowering plants)
Class: MAGNOLIIDAE (dicotyledonous flowering plants)

MAGNOLIIDAE (dicotyledonous flowering plants)

Family: Aceraceae (maples)
Family: Adoxaceae (moschatel)
Family: Aizoaceae
Family: Apiaceae (umbellifers)
Family: Apocynaceae (periwinkles)
Family: Araliaceae (ivies)
Family: Asteraceae (daisies, dandelions and thistles)
Family: Balsaminaceae (balsams)
Family: Berberidaceae (barberrys)
Family: Betulaceae (birches)
Family: Boraginaceae (comfreys and forget-me-nots)
Family: Brassicaceae (crucifers (cabbages, cresses etc))
Family: Campanulaceae (bellflowers)
Family: Cannabinaceae (cannabis and hops)
Family: Caprifoliaceae (elder and honeysuckles)
Family: Caryophyllaceae (chickweeds, stitchworts and campions)
Family: Celastraceae (spindles)
Family: Chenopodiaceae (goosefoots, oraches and glassworts)
Family: Cistaceae (rockroses)
Family: Clusiaceae (St John's-worts)
Family: Convolvulaceae (bindweeds)
Family: Cornaceae (dogwood)
Family: Crassulaceae (stonecrops)
Family: Cucurbitaceae (cucumbers)
Family: Cuscutaceae (dodders)
Family: Diapensiaceae
Family: Dipsacaceae (scabiouses and teasels)
Family: Ericaceae (heaths and heathers)
Family: Euphorbiaceae (spurges)
Family: Fabaceae (vetches, peas and beans)
Family: Fagaceae (forest trees)
Family: Fumariaceae (fumitories)
Family: Gentianaceae (gentians and felworts)
Family: Geraniaceae (geraniums and storksbills)
Family: Grossulariaceae (currants and gooseberry)
Family: Hippocastanaceae (horse-chestnuts)
Family: Lamiaceae (dead-nettles, mints and scented herbs)
Family: Linaceae (flaxes)
Family: Lythraceae (purple loosestrife and water purslane)
Family: Malvaceae (mallows)
Family: Menyanthaceae (bogbean)
Family: Monotropaceae (bird's-nests)
Family: Myricaceae (myrtles)
Family: Oleaceae (olive family)
Family: Onagraceae (willowherbs and evening primroses)
Family: Orobanchaceae (broomrapes)
Family: Oxalidaceae (wood-sorrels)
Family: Papaveraceae (poppies)
Family: Plantaginaceae (plantains)
Family: Polygalaceae (milkworts)
Family: Polygonaceae (docks and knotgrasses)
Family: Portulacaceae (purslanes)
Family: Primulaceae (primroses and pimpernels)
Family: Ranunculaceae (buttercups, crowfoots)
Family: Resedaceae (weld and mignonette)
Family: Rhamnaceae (buckthorns)
Family: Rosaceae (roses and fruit trees)
Family: Rubiaceae (madder, goosegrass and bedstraws)
Family: Salicaceae (poplars and willows)
Family: Santalaceae
Family: Saxifragaceae (saxifrages)
Family: Scrophulariaceae (figworts, foxgloves and speedwells)
Family: Solanaceae (nightshades, potatos and tomatos)
Family: Thymelaeaceae (daphnes)
Family: Tiliaceae (limes)
Family: Ulmaceae (elms)
Family: Urticaceae (nettles)
Family: Valerianaceae (valerians and corn salads)
Family: Violaceae (violets, pansies)
Family: Viscaceae (mistletoe)

ASTERACEAE (daisies, dandelions and thistles)

Subfamily: Lactuceae (dandelions)

LACTUCEAE (dandelions)

Genus: Tragopogon


Species: Pratensis
  Kingdom Subkingdom: Phylum: Class Family: Tribe, or Subfamily Genus Species
(living things)
Vascular Plants Magnoliopsida
(flowering plants)
(dicotyledonous flowering plants)
(daisies, dandelions and thistles)
Tragopogon Pratensis