Japanese Gardens

The Japaese garden at Capel Manor

The idea of all gardens is to transport the viewers imagination, from what may be a small, confined space to large open vistas and no form of gardening is as capable of doing this as the Japanese garden. The gardens vary in content from well planted to sparse as we shall see

A tea house

The Ryōan-ji Garden northwest of Kyoto, Japan is a wonderful example of what's termed a 'Zen' garden, Creating with a minimal amount of objects the impression of a large space. Great care is taken of these gardend and debris such as leaves is removed and the base stones are raked daily.

A part of the Ryōan-ji Garden

Trees in the gardens are well maintained and in many ways are treated as Bonsai, they are not however at to be a Bonsai the plant must be in a pot.


Japanese Gardens often feature water and if large enough the water will have a bridge.

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