Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba (a.k.a the Maidenhair tree), together with Larch, Swamp Cypress and Dawn Redwood is a conifer that sheds its leaves over winter. The tree is sexual, that is to say a tree is either male or female.

It is the last remaining example of a once large group of trees, now only found in the wild in remote areas of China, though once widespread, with fossilised leaves found in Yorkshire, England.

The Ginkgo is now grown extensively for its medicinal use.

In the UK Ginkgo are generally available from garden centers, however they take readily from hardwood cuttings and as a mature garden tree often produce suckers, which when removed with some root will take quickly. The female plant produces seed, these are born as a sort of grey/green berry and will if chilled over winter germinate over the next few years, assuming there is a male tree nearby.

The soft, new foliage of the Ginkgo can be pruned by either pinching out, or with tools. Cuts made into old wood however, will take a long time to heal over.

My Ginkgo bonsai has a recorded history of about 120 years.

Ginkgo berries and the nuts they contain

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