The term Fir is often applied to all conifers, but should only be applied to the Douglas and Silver Firs.

The Douglas fir is named after David Douglas (1799 - 1834), the Scottish plant collector who sent its seeds to the UK, from Canada. The trees latin name reflects its discoverer, another Scot, Archibald Menzies (Pseudotsuga menziesii).

The foliage, when rubbed gives off a pungent lemon scent.

There are three species of Silver fir, Abies Alba - the European fir, Abies Grandis - the Grand and Abies Procera the Noble fir.

The European fir was planted for timber in the UK, but is particularly susceptible to an Adelgid (Adelges nordmannnianae), adelgids are relatives of the Aphid.

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