There are many species of Birch, With examples available throughout the northern hemisphere, the majority of which come from the United States.

Silver Birch (Betula pendula)

In the ground will reach a height of 25m. and live for 80 years. The tree is native to most of Europe and parts of Asia.

Distribution of Silver Birch

Other species are:

Betula papyrifera - The Paper bark, or Canoe Birch. Native to north America. Has the whitest bark of any of the Birches.

Betula pubescens - The Downey Birch.

A naturally dwarf species is Betula Nana - The Arctic Birch, usually found, as it's name suggests in Arctic climes, but often avialable from garden centers. Betula nana will only reach 50cm. tall and 1m. wide in twenty years or so.

Birch are very undemanding as far as care is concerned. They will however benifit if kept well watered and they like a lot of light.

Adult (silver) bark can take up to 20 years to achieve

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