Bees are the most important insect on the planet. Without them, they, together with wasps and ants are menbers of the Hymenoptera and are probably the most numerous creatures on the planet.

It cannot be understated how important bees are to our survival. They pollinate most of the fruit and vegtables we eat.

A Bumblebee.

The social behaviour of bees is varied. The honey bee is a social creature with swarms of many thousand individuals. Through Bumblebees with a hive of twenty, or thirty members, to the solitary bees such as the Mason, or Leafcutter bees. Each female solitary bee makes its own burrow, and nest, but you may find many bees chosing the same location to nest in.

Beehives at thr RHS gardens Wisley

Bees guarding the entrance to the hive.

A wild Beehive

The Honeybee at work

And this his how plants get fertilised , A bee covered in pollen

Not all bees are 'Hive' creatures there are a large number of 'Solitary' Bees such as the leafcutter bee show here.

Damage caused by the Leafcutter bee

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