Alpine plants

Plants native to mountains throughout the world, but generally any small growing plant suitable for a rockery, etc.

many serious collectors will keep at least part of their collections in alpine houses.

Although the term 'Alpine' is used a vast number of the plants it covers have never been near a mountain.

It covers many types of plants from succulents to bulbs such as Narcissis and Crocus.

The Alpine house at Wisley.

The Spring Gentian, Gentiana Verna fits well in to the 'Alpine' catagory
One of the many species (and their cultivars) of Sempervivum (It means 'Everliving') classed as alpines.
Here we see Narcissus Cyclamenoides growing in the ground, it will however grow well in a pot.
A Sedum planted in a small pot as an Accent plant for use in a Bonsai display.
Another way of starting an Alpine collection is by using Troughs

Allen. C. Roffey May 22, 2018 9:52